IDA proposes capping entry of new mobile network operators to one


Mr Yap Yong Teck, managing director of MyRepublic Singapore, told Channel NewsAsia that the IDA proposal was “wonderful news” and the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is “confident” it can bring about “sustained value and innovation for consumers”, as spelt out in the regulator’s document.

This can be seen in its participation in the HetNet trial, which represents the stress testing of the mobile network architecture the ISP hopes to deploy, he said. “We have no intention of being a ‘me too’ telco”.

Mr Yap added the company is “very comfortable” with the S$40 million indicative price and that he was particularly pleased with the type of spectrum on offer. IDA is proposing the new entrant would have 40 MHz of sub-1GHz airwaves, which is “more relevant” to Singapore’s urban topography as it is better suited to penetrate into buildings for indoor coverage.

“IDA’s proposal shows the regulator is very serious about its Smart Nation vision, and makes the fourth telco vision more feasible,” Mr Yap said.

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