Residential  Fibre Broadband


How do I sign up?

Call 9067 9699 or sign up online  HERE   Please quote D1000 922 when u call MR so that i can handle your case.

or fill up your contact details for us to send you Application form Contact Us menu or click HERE


Updated: Items 2,3,4, and 7 Deposit now @ $150



Call 9067 9699

 How do I know my premises is fibre ready?

Click HERE to check(your postal code and unit number)

List of one time charges click HERE 










What is Teleport?

Teleport is a new add-on service for MyRepublic fibre broadband that offers seamless, easy access to a world of online entertainment. With Teleport enabled, any MyRepublic user is able to easily stream online content from across the world without technical workarounds or third-party services, like VPNs, which compromise video quality and streaming speeds.

Teleport also allows the user to enjoy the full in-built advantages of MyRepublic’s network, such as its traffic priorisitation system and custom routing to popular content servers. Additionally, there is no application or extra equipment necessary for Teleport to work. As long as it’s enabled from our network end, any MyRepublic subscriber can enjoy the benefits of Teleport.


Teleport self help

Teleport User Guides


Home Voice


Caller ID: shows the number of the caller when you receive a call. If your telephone has a Caller ID display, this feature should automatically work.

Call Waiting:
allows you to manage multiple calls in parallel, switching from one to another that’s put on hold. This feature is automatically activated. To switch calls, press your telephone’s flash key or the phone’s hook.

Call Forwarding:
lets you forward calls made to your Home Voice number to any Singapore fixed line or mobile number. Call forwarding to international numbers is not supported at the moment.
To enable Call Forwarding, log in to MyAccount and look for a button labelled “Home Voice”. You will be able to enter in the numbers you would like to forward calls to each of your Home Voice numbers to, if you have more than 1 Home Voice line.

Voicemail to Email:
recorded voice messages from callers are sent to your chosen email. To configure your voicemail settings, log in to MyAccount, look for a button named “Home Voice” and find a section for “Voice Mail”.

Voicemails will be delivered in a Waveform Audio file or .WAV format to your selected email address. This format can be easily read my most common music or audio players.


Static IP

What is Static IP? Do I need it?
MyRepublic Static IP add-on gives you a fixed public IPv4 address.

Due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, MyRepublic uses private dynamic IP, or dynamically assigned private IP addresses. This means that the IP address assigned to your location can change every now and then.

Although this does not impact most of your internet experience such as streaming, surfing, P2P downloading or gaming, you may need a Static IP if you are looking to:

  • Host your own web servers

  • Use devices such as CCTV (surveillance cameras) and NAS

  • Get remote access to your home workstation



PL1800EP Sineoji HomePlug2015-10-01 20_56_38-Capture


Sineoji HomePlug Manual    Pl1800_SineojiHomeplug_Wiring



Business Fibre Broadband

Corporate Individual Scheme (CIS) Promo: MyRepublic (CIS) Scheme is a benefits programme offers to staff of selected companies. With this scheme, you get to enjoy savings off of one month free subscription of up to $59.99.

The selected companies must be of a employee size of at least 100 or an existing MyRepublic SME Customer.

What is Reverse DNS? 

Click here Reverse DNS

I’m interested in the MyRepublic Business Fibre Plan, how do I/We sign up? Download form here or call: 9067 9699

Enclosed copy of your Company/Business ACRA/ROC, Photo of Authorized Person NRIC

Payment by Credit card/debit card or  Giro  <—Form here  Please allows extra 2 weeks to process

Please note billing will start after installation completion 3 to 7 days later

Check your Company/Business Fibre ready. Click here 


FAQs for Biz/Commercial Tenants

Netlink Trust (formerly Opennet)

Polycom VVX  201 Business Media Phone


What mode of payment  are accepted?
Currently, accepted payment methods are Credit card, Debit card Cheque or GIRO. For Credit Card, MyRepublic accepts VISA and MasterCard.

As a new customer, when you sign up for MyRepublic, you will be asked to provide your payment method details on the Service Application form.

If you are choosing to pay by GIRO, a separate GIRO application is required, either with a paper application form or electronically. For new paper GIRO applications, please allow 2-3 weeks for mailing and bank processing.

Please call: 9067 9699 for GIRO form or click here —> GIRO form