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MyRepublic is a trailblazing Internet Service Provider which delivers

ultra-fast fibre broadband services to consumers and business in Singapore.

Licensed by the IDA to leverage the Singapore Next Gen NBN, MyRepublic aims

to forge a new frontier in the end-user broadband experience. 


Setting the New Fibre Broadband Standard in Singapore

Before MR came along, 1Gbps cost as much as $800!, just beyond any ordinary man/Family in the street could afford. And use to be “You want take it” attitude. Because there is NO competitions.

Been the first with the Ultra fast 1Gbps (1000Mbps) Fibre broadband at the price that make the customers smiles!


About MyRepublic

MyRepublic is purpose-built for the ultra-fast
national broadband platforms available in Singapore and New Zealand (3Q 2014)
MyRepublic was founded to challenge attitudes on the importance of
customer experience, products and pricing. Whether it concerns service
reliability or superior support, MyRepublic looks to do things differently
if it means doing it better, empowering consumers with greater choice and
control over their online experience.

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